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Three Little Pigs

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THE THREE LITTLE PIGS a very curly musical tale is a “great big little West End show” for audiences of three years and up from Stiles and Drewe the award-winning writers of the international smash hits MARY POPPINS and HONK!
He can huff and puff until the cows comes home, but will the Big Bad Wolf get the better of the three little superstar piglets in this brand new retelling of the classic story?
Full of catchy songs, jokes and japes for little ones and parents alike, this endearing musical will leave you squealing with glee and howling with laughter.
For ages 3+. May not be suitable for vegetarians.
Illustration copyright: Charles Riffenburgh

Official Website

Stuart Little

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By E.B.White adapted for the stage by Joseph Robinette (2006)

Based on the much loved children’s classic by EB White and following two successful movies, this brand new stage version brought to life the story of the little mouse trying to get ahead in a grown up world. See live footage at

Dr Bunhead

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Can reindeer really fly? TV stunt scientist Dr Bunhead gets out his reindeer
bazooka to answer this and many more Christmas mysteries. Can Dr Bunhead
survive setting his head on fire like a Christmas pudding? Custard Vs Jelly
which is more flammable? Coke bottle or hot water bottle which makes a
better bomb? What is the world’s loudest Christmas Cracker?

Warning this show contains scenes of a gratuitously scientific nature.
Bring your own ear-defenders, safety-goggles and extra strong underpants.

Official Birmingham Website

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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The enduringly charming picture book celebrates it’s 40th anniversary with a play packed with oodles of magic, sing a long songs and clumsy chaos. Adapted and Directed by doyen of children’s theatre David Wood, it’s the first time that this much loved tale of a tiger creating teatime mayhem has been brought to life on stage.

“This adaptation of Judith Kerr’s delightful tale is in the safe and experienced hands of writer/director David Wood who has the knack of surprising them with his imaginative touches.” – The Stage

Official Website

Mr Benn

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One ordinary day, Mr Benn receives an invitation to a fancy dress party and comes across an extraordinary shop. As if by magic, the shopkeeper appears with an array of costumes, and shows him into the dressing room.

Inside is a mysterious door that leads Mr Benn into incredible adventures, full of dragons, princesses and sea monsters…

Will Mr Benn ever go back to his ordinary life?

Mr. Benn is the company’s fourth collaboration with Tall Stories. The show is a brand new adaptation of the well-loved classic and toured the UK throughout 2011.

For more information log on to

Mr Stink

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Adapted and directed by Matthew White with music by Matt Brind. (2012)

David Walliams, that funny tall bloke from Little Britain, has written the smelliest book of all time and in this live world premiere Curve will break new wind ground with a SCRATCH ‘N’ SNIFF production which will bring MR STINK PONGINGLY to life.

Chloe doesn’t like school very much. She isn’t as cool as the other kids. No iPhone, no DS and no friends. Then she meets Mr Stink – the local tramp. Yes, he smells a bit but he’s the only person who’s ever been nice to her and that includes her mother – an awful snob who wants to be the local MP and is trying to rid the streets of its homeless. About to lose her only friend, Chloe finds Mr Stink a secret hiding place… but is there more to him than meets the nose?