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Arsenic & Old Lace

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By Joseph Kesselring, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse (2005)

Proving that sometimes the ‘oldens are still the gooduns’ this touring production proved hugely successful in the provinces starring tv favourites Angela Thorne and Brigit Forsythe as the two old dears with a penchant for murder. Excellent support was provided by Sylvester McCoy, Andy Havill, Huw Higginson and Reanne Farley. The play was excellently directed by Robin Herford and toured again the following year with Louise Jameson and Sherrie Hewson as the crazy spinsters and Wayne Sleep as the mad doctor!

Strangers on a Train

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By Craig Warner based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith (2006)

‘Two Strangers, Two Murders, No Motive’ – Despite superb and committed performances from an all star cast including Colin Baker, Anita Harris, Alex Ferns, Will Thorp and Leah Bracknell, ‘Strangers’ didn’t quite reach the heights of Hitchcock’s classic psychological thriller or thrill the audiences in the way that the producers had hoped. (Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all!)

Marrying The Mistress

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By Joanna Trollope adapted for the stage by David Taylor (2006)

This controversial new play turned on it’s head the conventional theory that a husband who pursues happiness with a mistress must necessarily be in the wrong. Audiences were often heard arguing amongst themselves as they left the theatre. Adrian Lukis, Caroline Langrishe, Jeremy Clyde and Polly Adams starred.

Bedroom Farce

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By Alan Ayckbourn (2007)

This popular favourite proved a big hit with regional audiences in a lovingly presented revival directed by Ayckbourn stalwart Robin Herford. Cast included Louise Jameson, Colin Baker, Natalie Cassidy, Beth Cordingly, Tim Watson, James Midgely, Ben Porter and Hannah Yelland.

Hobson’s Choice

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By Harold Brighouse (2007/08)

With John Savident in the title role and a co-production with the Chichester Festival Theatre, Jonathan Church’s hilarious touching production has been delighting theatres all over the country. Outstanding support from Carolyn Backhouse and Dylan Charles as Maggie and Will respectively.


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Adapted for the stage by Dan Gordon. Story by Barry Morrow Directed by Robin Herford (2008/09)

Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly, Waterloo Road) and Oliver Chris (Green Wing, The Office) star in this funny, touching and heart-warming story.

Following the death of his father, Charlie Babbitt finds out that ‘his’ inheritance has been bequeathed to an unknown beneficiary. Hot on the trail of the cash, Charlie embarks on a life-changing journey across America, from Ohio to Las Vegas, where he discovers the meaning of unconditional love through Raymond, an older brother he never knew he had.”

An Inspector Calls

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Following on from its successful UK Tour, JB Classic Thriller an Inspector calls opened at the Novello Theatre on 22nd September 2009. Stephen Daldry’s multi-award winning ground breaking production has previously enjoyed successful runs in the West End and on Broadway.

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Dr Bunhead

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Can reindeer really fly? TV stunt scientist Dr Bunhead gets out his reindeer
bazooka to answer this and many more Christmas mysteries. Can Dr Bunhead
survive setting his head on fire like a Christmas pudding? Custard Vs Jelly
which is more flammable? Coke bottle or hot water bottle which makes a
better bomb? What is the world’s loudest Christmas Cracker?

Warning this show contains scenes of a gratuitously scientific nature.
Bring your own ear-defenders, safety-goggles and extra strong underpants.

Official Birmingham Website

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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The enduringly charming picture book celebrates it’s 40th anniversary with a play packed with oodles of magic, sing a long songs and clumsy chaos. Adapted and Directed by doyen of children’s theatre David Wood, it’s the first time that this much loved tale of a tiger creating teatime mayhem has been brought to life on stage.

“This adaptation of Judith Kerr’s delightful tale is in the safe and experienced hands of writer/director David Wood who has the knack of surprising them with his imaginative touches.” – The Stage

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Mr Benn

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One ordinary day, Mr Benn receives an invitation to a fancy dress party and comes across an extraordinary shop. As if by magic, the shopkeeper appears with an array of costumes, and shows him into the dressing room.

Inside is a mysterious door that leads Mr Benn into incredible adventures, full of dragons, princesses and sea monsters…

Will Mr Benn ever go back to his ordinary life?

Mr. Benn is the company’s fourth collaboration with Tall Stories. The show is a brand new adaptation of the well-loved classic and toured the UK throughout 2011.

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